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CapWay Debit Card Review

Having a CapWay Debit Card can be a great way to access your bank account from anywhere. The card is easy to use, and the fees are low. It also allows you to transfer money between accounts with ease.

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Whether you’re just looking to save money or you’re a financial expert looking to spread the word about your latest innovation, CapWay has a product to suit your needs. It’s a mobile banking app that makes it easy to create and track money goals and make positive changes to your financial life.

The app has a “savings bucket” feature that allows you to set aside money for specific financial goals. You can even set up recurring transfers to these buckets. You can also receive alerts when you need to deposit money or you can transfer money between your CapWay accounts.

You can also deposit checks that are under $2,500. The money is insured for up to $250,000. There is also a feature that allows you to request money from others. The money can be deposited instantly.

Money goals

Getting a CapWay Debit Card is a great way to get your finances under control. Its built-in features make money transfer and budgeting a breeze. The card also has a no minimum balance fee, making it a money saving machine.

The best part is, CapWay Debit Card isn’t just for the rich and famous. There are other products in the CapWay family that allow anyone to take advantage of its low-fee, mobile banking service. Getting one of these cards also gives you access to the latest financial technology and tips for investing in mutual funds. CapWay is also one of the few Neobanks to offer a streamlined user experience. Its mobile banking app is free to download and is easy to navigate.

CapWay also has the best customer service. There’s a dedicated contact form on the company’s website, and you can even get help through the social media channels.


Despite the fact that CapWay Debit Card fees are relatively low, there are still some fees to keep in mind. This card is issued by Metropolitan Commercial Bank, and users need to create an account and enter personal information. They can also deposit checks, as well as transfer funds between CapWay accounts. In addition, they have access to 30,000 plus free ATM withdraws. They can also set up Money Goals, which is a great way to save for the future.

CapWay is a fintech company that provides digital cards and a mobile banking service. They are targeting the next generation of spenders and earners. They work with organizations and companies in the community, and also provide financial education.

CapWay aims to close gaps in the financial system. They are trying to give underserved groups a chance to access banking services. The company says that 70 million people in the United States don’t have bank accounts, and that 32 percent of financially underserved Americans own their own homes.

Digital banking and money transfer solution

Having a CapWay Debit Card provides users with the ability to perform a wide variety of online transactions. CapWay also offers financial education, financial tools, and money-saving products. Currently, CapWay offers the CapWay Money Account, which has no monthly minimum balance and no overdraft fees.

The CapWay Money Account also boasts a slick interface, and is a great way to receive money. The system also lets users set “Money Goals”, which is a great way to keep track of your spending and achieve financial success. Users can also receive money early, make deposits, and even ask for help if they are having trouble achieving their goal.

CapWay also launched a new program titled the Culture Meets Money. This program is designed to bring in new skill sets, generate fresh ideas, and provide internships to diverse people.

Founder and CEO

Founder and CEO of CapWay, Sheena Allen, has launched a financial technology mobile app that aims to improve the financial health of underserved people. CapWay offers banking services, including debit cards, checking accounts, and other innovative products to customers. They also provide financial education to help people reach a healthy financial future.

Allen grew up in a small Mississippi town where there was only one bank. She started her first tech company when she was in college. She was motivated to create a platform that would allow her friends and family to access fair financial services. During her senior year of college, she was bootstrapped, which meant that she built the company on revenue alone.

Sheena started CapWay to address the financial health needs of underserved people, including millennials and people who are unbanked. She aims to help people build credit, invest, and save.

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